You must check your luggage in at the desk assigned to your airline for your flight, where you will be given your boarding card and luggage receipt.

You should go to the check-in desk by the time indicated, in writing (including via electronic means), by the airline, tour operator or authorised travel agent and, if no time is given, at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Some airlines may set other limits, so it is important that you find out sufficiently in advance.

For your own safety and that of other passengers, do not to check in or carry any luggage belonging to people you do not know.

Limitations and liability exemptions

Airlines can refuse to carry as luggage any articles that, due to their size, shape, weight or characteristics, may not be considered as luggage.

In your own interest we recommend that you do not check in perishable, fragile or valuable items (money, jewellery, electronic devices etc.), medicines, documents, keys, etc. Some companies do not accept responsibility for these items.