The air fare is the price you pay for your transport and the transport of your luggage from the departure airport to the destination airport, in accordance with the conditions of the transport contract and those corresponding to the fare.

Bear in mind that there may be different fares for the trip you want to make depending on the airline you choose.

Depending on their commercial criteria or points of sale, airlines can offer you a range of fares for the same journey so that you can choose the one that best suits you. Some airlines may also give certain discounts to groups, large families, children and babies, the elderly, young people, etc.

Economic fares are generally subject to certain restrictive conditions which you should know (minimum time of stay, no changes allowed, amount paid not refundable, etc.), and are of limited availability, depending on the airline's commercial criteria. Before purchasing the ticket it is important that you get detailed information on the conditions of these fares and their availability from travel agencies, airline or Internet.