1. Is there any bank close to here?
  2. How much does a transfer abroad cost?
  3. Could I pay this fine in this bank?
  4. Can I pay this bill in this bank?
  5. Can I cash this cheque in this bank?
  6. Can I cash this promissory note in my current account?
  7. Can I enter this check in my current account?
  8. Can I enter this promissory note in my current account?
  9. Do you want to have it in cash or enter it in your current account?
  10. Have you already changed money in the bank?
  11. Can I check with my bank?
  12. Could you come in the morning?
  13. Would you sign your name here, please?
  14. Would you sign the cheque, please?
  15. Would you fill in a paying-in slip (or paying-in deposit slip), please?
  16. Could you complete this form, please?
  17. I would like to open a current account/ a savings account
  18. I want to transfer money to this account, please
  19. at the desk/at the cashier
  20. They will pay you the difference at the cashier
  21. We have credited your account with the amount
  22. Pay it into my account, please
  23. I want to cash these traveller cheques, please.
  24. What charges do you have?
  25. I want twenty notes in fifties