1. We specialise in financing overseas investments including shipping operations.

2. We also work closely with insurance companies and with commodity brokers.

3. We can give advice on fluctuations in currencies and we can assist with commodity management.

4. Our Ponferrada office produces reports to assist our customers in portfolio valuation and management.

4.Could I suggest the best way to manage your portfolio of investments?

5. Given the present state of the economy, I suggest you invest in government bonds.

6. A number of institutional investors have bought this particular stock.

7. Our team produces an analysis of the stock market every week and sends it to all our customers.

8. We have bought securities on your behalf.

9. We have sold securities on your behalf.

10.Monthly payments is made on the twelfth day of every month.

11. You´ll be debited on the twenty-third day of every month.

12. These shares are probably under-valued based on their current yield.

13. A number of financial analysts believe that securities in this sector will rise in value.

14. You could telephone your stockbrocker and ask him to sell.

15.This company is quoted on the Bovespa.

16. We are in a bull market.

17. We are in a bear market.

18. The BOVESPA will be closed tomorros, but Madrid and Panamá will still be trading.

19. What brokerage fees will I pay for fifty shares?

20. What is the closing price on this stock?