Pay attention to and comply with the safety instructions given before take-off and during the flight, particularly those relating to the use of safety belts and electronic devices, or any other instruction or directive given by the airline personnel and aimed at preserving the order and safety of aviation activities or operations.

In accordance with European legislation, passengers who fail to carry out the regulations and safety instructions onboard the aircraft, for example by smoking in the aircraft toilets or by using mobile telephones or electronic devices without authorisation, may be penalised.Remember that smoking is prohibited on commercial flights whose origin and destination are in national territory and that some airlines ban smoking on all their flights.

To guarantee flight and passenger safety, the airline may take measures in those cases in which the behaviour of a passenger endangers or may endanger the safety of the aircraft or the passengers or the order and discipline on board. In these cases, the airline may take reasonable measures as necessary: denying boarding on the flight, warning the disruptive passenger to stop what they are doing, disembarking the passenger at an intermediate stop, informing the appropriate authorities and/or taking legal action against the disruptive passenger.