If you are planning to make a tourist trip, you will probably go to a travel agency to arrange it for an inclusive price.
If your contract includes, in addition to the transport, accommodation and/or other tourist services that are not ancillary to the transport or the accommodation, and that constitute a significant part of the trip, you have booked a "package trip" with your agency.
In a package trip, whether the transport is by charter and scheduled flight, the corresponding contract should be drawn up in writing and the retailer or organiser must provide passengers with a programme or information leaflet containing the details of the package trip, that shall clearly and precisely include all the necessary information about the defining characteristics of the trip, such as the destination, itinerary and the means, characteristics and categories of transport that will be used.
Consumers may transfer their booking on the package trip to another person by notifying this in writing at least fifteen days prior to the start of the trip, except where the contract establishes a shorter period.
The agreed price cannot be changed, except where this possibility is expressly stipulated in the contract.
A modification, either increasing or reducing the price, can only be made in the event of a variation in the transportation price, including fuel costs, airport taxes and duties relating to certain services or the exchange rates applied to the organised trip.
No price increase may be made during the twenty days immediately prior to the departure date of the trip.
In any case, it is very important that you read all of the clauses of the contract very carefully.
The organisers and retailers of package trips shall be liable to the consumer for the proper fulfilment of the obligations arising from the contract, irrespective of whether such obligations are to be met by them or by other service providers. Therefore, in the event of incidents related to air transport, you must address your complaint to the organiser or retailer of your trip.


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