Transport contract

If you consider that the conditions of your transport contract have not been fulfilled satisfactorily (due to delays, loss or damage to baggage, timetable changes, poor service, unscheduled stopovers, etc.) you can write a

letter of complaint

or use the complaint forms provided by the airline companies for this purpose.

Your complaint should be addressed to the airline if you have only booked transport, to the organisers and retailers (travel agencies) when the flight is part of a package trip.

In accordance with European Community legislation and the Montreal Convention, if the airline responsible for the flight is not the same as the airline you made your booking with, you can file a complaint to either one of the two. If the name or code of an airline appears on the ticket, this is the airline you made the booking with.

In order to make it easier for their passengers to make their complaints, airlines normally provide complaint forms that can be found at their information or ticket desks. You can use these forms to make a complaint about the unsatisfactory service of the airline you have booked your flight with. Remember that, in any case and even if the airline does not provide complaint forms, you can send a letter of complaint to the airline or send your complaint by e-mail or through the company's website if this possibility is available.

When you make your complaint, please write legibly, clearly and concisely, giving specific information on the events that have occurred. Don't forget to include your personal details and postal address so that the airline can reply to you as quickly as possible. When you consider that you have not received adequate compensation for the damages the company has caused despite your claim, you can apply to the Courts of Justice to determine the possible appropriate liabilities and compensation.


Airport services


You will find at the airport information desks, you can make all types of complaints concerning airport services (cleaning, information service, etc.), air traffic and the official and commercial companies operating there.

The catering services (cafeterias, restaurants, etc.) have their own official catering trade book where you can make your complaint, or, if you prefer, you can use airport´s complaints forms.

Bear in mind that written complaints are also an effective way of helping us to improve the services the airports offer you.Filing a complaint, for whatever reason, does not prevent you taking other types of action, whether legal or administrative, nor does it interrupt established deadlines.